Amazing Offshore fishing Artwork by Paul Kriakides

Hello Everyone! We recently commissioned some artwork for from the South African artist Paul Kriakides. The artwork looked amazing it featured our new Tuna Bomb Popper. I was very pleased, and I will be ordering a few more from him very soon. If you wish to purchase some of his products you can find […]

Gulf on Fire with Spanish and Reds Sept.

I spent about 5 days down in matagorda from Wednesday till Sunday. Thursday morning after a few rain showers we took my buddy’s boat out past the jetties and found the gulf almost slick but with rollers. The near shore waters looked like there were bombs being dropped everywhere. we made our way over to […]

February 2020 Red Sea Tuna Bomb popper Test Trip

I was finally able to get a Fishing trip/Vacation in on the 20th-23rd of Feb. I found out about this trip with only about a months’ notice from the guy that runs these mother-ship expeditions out of Hurghada, Egypt. He also runs a tackle store in Dubai call Knot Big Enuff/KBE. I was able to […]